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If you are interested in joining Dingwall ASC, then the first step is to attend on of our Readiness Assessments. Readiness Assessments look at all aspects of prospective new members technique across all four strokes as well as assessing fundamental skills such as diving, turning and streamlining. Readiness Assessments take place 2 to 3 times per year (at the discretion of the Coaching staff).

Readiness Assessments take place over two training sessions on a Thursday evening and cost £10.

It is customary for the club to assess all new swimmers, regardless of whether they are experienced or novices. By speaking to a swimmer and seeing them swim, our coaches can assess their abilities and identify which of our squads would be most suitable for them.

An assessment will be carried out on poolside and is not solely graded on the entry test but on the Coaches’ view of the swimmers technique and ability as well as stamina and understanding. If the swimmer is successful they will be invited to join or be placed on the waiting list until a space becomes available.

Please use the form below to request a trial for your child/children.