Club Records

Dingwall ASC Club Records

The published records below is the current list of club records based on times published since 2013. Records are split into two groups: Age Group records and Club Records.

New Records are highlighted in Yellow.

Our Age Groups are as follows:

10&U – 11 y/o – 12 y/o – 13 y/o – 14 y/o – 15 y/o – 16&O

Club Records: the fastest times ever recorded for each stroke, for the whole Club. (Split by gender)

Check out our latest Club Records below.

Updated: 24th November 2019

Girls 10&U – 12 Year Old

Girls 13 Year Old – 14 Year Old

Girls 15 Year Old – 16&O

Girls Club Records

Boys 10&U – 12 Year Old

Boys 13 Year Old – 14 Year Old

Boys 15 Year Old – 16&O

Boys Club Records