Competition Corner

Dingwall ASC caters for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers.  Members who do not wish to compete do not have to.   The club has competitive swimmers of different standards and there are varying degrees of meet catering for different abilities.  We try to take members to meets which  are suitable for their standard, although all swimmers must have good basic stroke technique and meet the required times for entry. This page contains all relevant information relating to competitions/meets.

Important Documents

** Dingwall ASC Team Selection/Competition Entry Policy ** 

** Dingwall ASC Competition Calendar 2019-20 ** updated: 09.10.2019  

Please note, the Competition Calendar is a working document and subject to change.

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General Information

Entry to meets

  1. Dingwall ASC receives invitations from clubs organising meets.  The organising club state the standard of swimmers they expect to attend by issuing low and high swim time bands.
  2. A list of eligible swimmers is compiled for each meet.
  3. Computer files with names, times and strokes are sent to the organising club along with a cheque for all entry fees.
  4. The gala convenor of the organising club selects the fastest entries from all clubs and the slower entries are rejected and returned to the club along with a refund of the entry fees.
  5. A list of confirmed accepted swimmers is then placed on the notice board informing which session if known and what strokes each swimmer has been accepted for.

Meet types

Mini meets are for the younger swimmers, usually 11 or 12 years and under.  Some clubs organising these meets will accept swimmers with no times.

Graded meets or Development meets are designed for swimmers who may not normally qualify for top flight meets.  The meet organisers may set a “slower than” time and/or a “faster than” time for each event and age group as a qualification for the event.  We use the swimmers’ recorded personal best times to decide whether a swimmer qualifies for an event.

Open or Championship meets are for all ages.  Entry times are usually very fast and are usually for the fastest swimmers in their age groups.  Open competitions do not distinguish between age groups.

Although we enter as many swimmers as possible who have qualifying times, they are not always accepted.  This is due to large entries, and time allowed for each session.